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The key benefit is that we now use a ‘transparent’ system that brings together all considerations: timesheet, rostering and absences so they can be managed within one integrated, up-to-date and current system that makes contracted hours more visible.

-Brenda Blackett,Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Automated staff rostering for maximum efficiencies across every ward, clinic and community group

The demands at the ‘sharp end’ of healthcare provision have never been more intense. Patient care is paramount; placing nursing and clinical managers at the forefront of ensuring clinical cover demands are met, or exceeded. The introduction of the Improving Working Lives initiative, the demands of the European Working Time Regulations, and increasing dependency on part time staff have increased the complexity of planning and managing scarce nursing, AHP and medical resources.

Today’s first line NHS managers are under intense pressure to work within demanding budgets whilst raising clinical standards. Rostering enables planning of the right people, in the right place at the right time and cost.

On a daily basis, the administrative overhead of registering last minute absenteeism, arranging cover and roster swaps, while focusing on patient care, can be reduced. The regular headache of planning ward and clinic level off duties is reduced to being a manageable short exercise. Finally, management information can be provided to enable first-line staff to monitor and plan against agreed budgets.

The Rostering Challenge

  • Remove traditional manual processes for recording work hours and rostering staff that are laborious, fragmented and costly
  • Ensure effective management and utilisation of staff skills
  • Provide visibility of staff operations across multiple specialties and sites
  • Comply with 'Agenda-for-Change' terms and conditions
  • Achieve ‘Improving Working Lives’ standards for staff

The SMART Rostering Solution

  • Fully integrated Rostering & Self-Rostering solution
  • Comprehensive electronic Time and Attendance utilising Biometric Technology and other data capture methods
  • Accurate collection of attendance and overtime data, feeding directly to ESR and other HR & Payroll applications
  • Controlled management of overtime and agency staff

The Benefits of Electronic Rostering

  • Increased utilisation levels of contracted staff
  • Reduced bank and agency expenditure
  • Reduced overtime through better rostering
  • Improving working lives for staff
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff attrition rates
  • Compliance with Working Time Regulations and local terms and conditions
  • Reduced payroll errors and administration costs

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