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We required a system that would interface with ESR for salary and absence details and produce reports for audit purposes - SMART ticked all of the boxes for us. It also had proven credentials, having been adopted by a neighbouring Trust.

-Rachel Barton,The Dudley Group of Hospitals

Absence management, reduce absenteeism and measure the cost savings

Both short term and long term sickness absences have a significant impact upon the efficiency and resources of any Trust and the management of such absences can have a significant effect on both the Trust and the individuals involved. Many Occupational Health departments find that their task is made more difficult by the lack of available 'real time' data, which identifies the reasons and dates of any absence spells and whether these are work related.

SMART’s real-time absence management solution enables managers and supervisors to monitor employee arrivals and departures through employee attendance. A single screen shows in real-time who has logged in for work and who has failed to turn up. Alert mechanisms are available to automate missed logins or employees returning to work from long term sickness thus prompting Return-to-Work procedures.

Absence Costing

Costing sickness absence and communicating the cost to employees, is a powerful way of emphasising the importance of attendance to the Trust. However, few organisations have mechanisms to identify absence costs and fewer still actually examine them systematically.

Absence Planning

Designed to help manage both planned and unplanned absence, the system takes absence into account when planning and validating rosters. It can roster leave to suit departmental demands and can re-roster immediately to include changes in staffing, such as new holiday bookings. Fully integrated with SMART Time and Attendance, it alerts unauthorised absence and can automate repeat absences, such as day release or training.

Absence Administration

Automatically identifies and alerts supervisors and managers to unplanned absence, manages the workflow around absence requests, and highlights absence requests requiring further authorisation. It also integrates with ESR to ensure staff are paid correctly, with absence accounted for.

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