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Consultant Job Planning

Optimised delivery of medical treatment is a key element for the NHS in meeting the challenge of providing top quality patient services as efficiently and effectively as possible.  As well as ensuring nursing care is efficiently managed, healthcare organisations are now looking to workforce management solutions to streamline medical job planning and scheduling for consultants and senior doctors.

Supporting Medical Managers and Consultants

SMART Consultant Job Planning, part of the Medical Workforce Management product suite, supports medical managers and consultants in meeting their shared responsibility of providing the best patient care with the resources available.  It provides up to date and transparent job plans and real time reporting that can be fully integrated with workforce management systems for the whole organisation including ESR and payroll. 

Fully Integrated Job Planning, Scheduling and Leave Management

SMART Consultant Job Planning is an integrated job planning, scheduling and leave management module that helps managers to organise medical resources effectively.  It calculates and standardises specialty-specific programmed activity (PA) such as on-call and direct clinical care activities (DCC) resulting in a reduction of additional programmed activity (APA), shortened waiting list costs and improved patient care.

SMART Consultant Job Planning can be implemented as a standalone module or it can be fully integrated with other products such as Time & Attendance, Doctor Rostering and Medical Appraisal & Revalidation.

The Challenge:

  • Robust and transparent job planning process
  • Remove traditional paper based process of job planning
  • Provide visibility of job planning engagement
  • Validate agreed programmed activity for accurate MI reporting
  • Visibility of scheduled activity
  • Leave management
  • Evidence-based SPA commitments
  • Team and individual job plans and calendars

The Smart Solution:

  • Define and standardise service specific programmed activity and time allocations.
  • Define national and local rules around job planning
  • Define and schedule MI reports
  • Visibility of all consultant and SAS doctors job planning status for the service
  • Filter and monitor individual and team programmed activity
  • Have visibility of previous job plans
  • View and validate agreed scheduled activity in the service calendar
  • View and approve booked/requested annual/study/professional leave
  • Monitor and report all service-specific locum activity
  • Define and schedule service specific MI reports
  • Select multiple reviewers to review job plan prior to submitting to approver ie University Dean for academics

The Benefits

  • Job plans are held centrally in one system allowing the chief operating officer, medical director and senior managers access to job plans and real time MI reporting
  • Agreed programmed activity is validated against delivered activity resulting in real time MI reporting to be used for quarterly service reviews/ balance scorecards etc
  • Supports Trust CIP and QIPP targets by reducing medical salary costs through efficient job planning and monitoring, medical locum tracking and sickness/absence management
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