SMART Workforce Solutions for the NHS empowering the workforce to meet the QIPP agenda

You get an instant picture of shortages and other issues in rosters being planned in the future, and this allows for much more agile staff redeployment and management of temporary staffing.

-Maria Stone,South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Reduce time spent on rostering, reduce the costs of bank and agency staff

SMART provides a sophisticated staff rostering solution developed for the NHS that matches resources precisely to Trust demand and publishes any shift vacancies internally prior to utilising bank or agency staff. The system also reduces the administration of employee time management.

SMART Rostering is a fully integrated solution with a bi-directional interface to ESR, and to the SMART Time and Attendance module or SMART Timesheet data entry module for ESR.

Providing support for; self-rostering, auto-rostering, demand based rostering and bank staff rostering via an intuitive web user interface, the SMART Rostering solution eases deployment across the entire Trust for both clinical and non-clinical employees. SMART Rostering enables rostering of staff in conformance to Working Time Regulations and New Deal legislation.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces time spent on rostering for ward management
  • Dramatically reduces agency and bank staff costs
  • Improves recruitment through access to flexible working
  • Improves retention due to ensuring fairness
  • Provides robust monitoring of nurse registration, working hour’s compliance, use of agency staff and sickness absence.

Key Features

Team Based Self-Rostering

SMART Self-Rostering is a system that empowers employees to schedule their own working times to meet ward staffing requirements and improve their own work-life balance. The advantages of self-rostering for NHS organisations include; enabling Improving Working Lives standards and increased employee involvement and flexibility. The setting-up process enables a review of staff resources & care needs and reduces reliance on agency and bank staff.

SMART Auto-Rostering

SMART Auto-Rostering is a completely new, innovative approach to managing staff rosters, enabling staff to request their own shifts via a user-friendly web interface creating an instant work schedule. The highly flexible system does all of this, without the use of complex and inflexible algorithms. Auto-Rostering is available as a stand-alone product or can be implemented as part of the complete SMART eHL workforce management solution for the NHS.

Absence Planning

Designed to help manage both planned and unplanned absence, the system takes absence into account when planning and validating rosters. It can roster leave to suit departmental demands and can re-roster immediately to include changes in staffing, such as new holiday bookings. Fully integrated with SMART Time and Attendance, it alerts unauthorised absence and can automate repeat absences such as day release or training.


The average Trust spends approximately £2.3 million each year on agency staff; SMART Bank has been developed to assist in reducing these costs using a sophisticated search engine which identifies available members of an NHS bank enabling trusts to select the most appropriate person to fill a shift, helping to reduce administration and improve efficiencies in this area.

The 100% web based system is fully synchronised with ESR and is offered as a stand-alone solution or can be fully integrated to the SMART eRostering & Time and Attendance system.

For further information on the benefits of SMART Rostering please contact SMART

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