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Hosting services guarantees 99.99% application availability

Combining optimum performance with the highest levels of security and data protection, SMART's dedicated hosting service offers:

  • A Best-of-Breed Technical Infrastructure
  • 'Pay-as-you-grow'
  • Software Backup and Data Protection
  • Planning, Management and Support

Best-of-Breed Technical Infrastructure

The SMART Hosting servers are based in one of the most advanced data centres in the UK and deliver 99.99% application availability. SMART maintains and manages all aspects of your solution, including licensing, backups, test restores, patches, service packs, anti-viral renewal, upgrades, performance monitoring, capacity management and hardware renewal.

Sophisticated power distribution systems ensure application resilience, with multiple mains electricity feeds supported by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system and generator back up, all carefully maintained on a routine basis. Customers also enjoy dedicated, Cisco firewall-protected bandwidth connection through Web controlled access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) or leased line connectivity options.


SMART's flexible 'Pay-as-you-grow' plan works on a per-user basis, allowing you to minimise upfront covers, streamline cashflow and increase capacity seamlessly as your enterprise grows.

Software Backup and Data Protection

In order to protect your mission critical data, SMART and its partners, Redbus Interhouse, ensure the tightest access controls (CCTV, 24/7 security guards, alarm systems). Each database is backed up and capacity monitored by security cleared support staff. Online backups are made every 4 hours and tape backups every 24 hours. For added protection, high quality backup tapes are then taken offsite to another secure, fireproof location.

Planning, Management and Support

SMART Hosting also includes a range of services, including implementation planning and upgrade services as well as full telephone service and support, with direct and round-the-clock access to experts, 365 days a year.

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