SMART Workforce Solutions for the NHS empowering the workforce to meet the QIPP agenda

Supporting Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Prevention

SMART's web-based e-rostering solution uniquely enables trusts to manage all categories of staff including nurses, doctors, administration and support staff using a single system.

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  • Build rosters in minutes not hours
  • Release highly qualified staff back to patient care
  • Automated data feeds
  • ESR saves time and reduces errors
  • Covers all staff groups
  • Support flexible working arrangements
  • Transparency and fairness for staff
Time &

SMART Time & Attendance (T&A) provides automatic monitoring of staff hours, by eliminating time sheets, removes the opportunity for mistakes and fraud.Data fed directly to ESR increases accuracy and reduces administration costs.

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Time &
  • Automated time recording,
    eliminating timesheets
  • Release more time to
    patient care
  • Remove opportunity for fraud
  • Ensure staff work their
    contracted hours
  • Information direct to ESR
    ensures accurate payroll
  • Reduced payroll errors
    reduces queries by staff
  • Helps to provide flexible
    working arrangements

SMART Bank enables the efficient management of Bank and Agency staff, allowing Trusts to effectively respond to unplanned roster gaps and ensure critical clinical cover at all times. SMART Bank helps reduce the unnecessary use of Agency staff .

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  • Reduces temporary
    staff costs
  • Assists managers to fill
    staffing gaps from own
  • Fully synchronises with, and
    increases accuracy of ESR
  • Facilitates WTD compliance
  • Supports distributed
    environment and working
    from home
  • Reduces central
    bank workload
Patient Workload Planning

Kronos OptiLink's patient workload planning solution aligns the patient's level of care complexity with staff expertise and experience, enabling Ward/Nurse Managers to assign safe, compliant workloads that optimise individual patient care.

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Patient Workload Planning
  • Provides transparency of staff numbers 
  • Forecast and reporting ability on staffing levels and skill mix 
  • Enables consistent provision of care 
  • Improves staff and patient satisfaction 
  • Improves staff retention 
  • Helps deliver continuity of care using inbuilt wizard 
  • Provides organisational openness and credibility 

Leading providers of work force management for the NHS

In April 2012 SMART was acquired by Kronos Incorporated, the global leader in delivering workforce management solutions in the cloud.

SMART workforce management solutions are used extensively throughout the UK health sector.  Our workforce management software enables NHS Trusts, Health Boards and other healthcare organisations to meet their patient care objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including  the Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Prevention (QIPP) agenda.

SMART workforce management provides fully integrated e-rostering, time and attendance,  management reporting, Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and payroll integration, bank management, and  patient/nurse acuity.  Our systems provide timely and actionable information on staffing levels and skills  mix enabling managers to optimise staff and ensure that quality patient care is delivered as efficiently as  possible.

With over 25 years experience in the health sector, SMART has built a reputation for working closely  with many organisations across the health sector, building a deep understanding of workforce  management and productivity issues and providing innovative solutions that support quality patient  care.   SMART was selected by McKesson to deliver its integrated e-Rostering and time and attendance human resource workforce management solutions to the NHS ESR programme.

Our Customers Include:
Stockport NHS TrustGateshead Health NHS Foundation TrustThe Christie NHS Foundation TrustDevon Partnership NHS Trust

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Trusts failing to invest in Workforce Management and E-Rostering systems could be saving £500,000 per year, while improving patient services

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